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Corporate Information

CNI was founded in 1989 by three visionaries with strong business acumen. Their vision was to introduce a solid business plan that would enable just about anyone to start their own business with minimum capital. In return, these new entrepreneurs would recruit new members, helping them to succeed through innovative marketing strategies, extensive integrated distribution system and most of all – through excellent products and services that equate excellent rewards.

We began operations on 3 May 1989 as Homca Chemical Sdn Bhd and subsequently changed our name to Forever Young Holdings Sdn Bhd on 29 January 1991. As part of a corporate restructuring exercise, we changed our name to CNI Holdings Sdn Bhd on 4 September 2002, before assuming our present name as CNI Holdings Berhad on 24 February 2004. On 4 August 2005, we were listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities.

As a homegrown company, we are proud to be recognised as one of the region’s leading network marketing company today. Principally, we are an investment holding company that manages the following subsidiaries:

CNI Holdings Group Of Companies


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